Product Description

Gris Pardo selected tiles with a consistent dark grey colour and a somewhat uniform background. The materials display a honed surface with a squared size of 598 x 598 x 20mm. This lot is an oversupply from an old quality stock, therefore it’s currently well packed and ready to ship. Due to the existing 85m2 stock, this deal is highly recommended for medium or large projects, in particular exterior ones like cladding, coverings and flooring, in general.

Grey limestone with a fairly uniform background and a considerable hardness, along with small darker spots and some signs of fossils. The Gris Pardo presents several variations with slightly different grey tonalities and grain types. This is a direct alternative to the well-known Azul Valverde from Portugal, since it presents very similar features. In terms of recommended applications, the Gris Pardo is mostly suitable for exterior cladding, flooring and landscaping.

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Cladding, Coverings, Flooring, Paving & Landscaping