Capri limestone vs Moleanos Fine limestone

There are two light coloured limestones with great demand in the market that are quite similar, the Moleanos Fine from Portugal and the Capri from Spain. There may be some confusion about how they look and how similar they are, so we will be disclosing some information about them.

The Moleanos Fine and the Capri are two popular and on-demand limestones from pretty much all over the world. These are great quality and uniform light coloured limestones that have a growing market and interest. The Capri limestone is extracted in Southern Spain. It presents a white colour, uniform background and a medium grain structure, where its grain is slightly darker brown. The higher selections of Capri will be more uniform and consistent than the lower selections.

On the other side, the Moleanos Fine limestone is a type of limestone extracted in the central part of Portugal but a handful of quarries. This is an incredibly popular limestone that has a light beige colour, fine grain and fairly uniform background. It has a plain light beige colour and it may present some occasional calcite lines, as well as larger spots or fossils.

Both limestones are direct competitors in the market, but as we can see they diverge mostly on the colour.

Check below the video where we compare these two wonderful light coloured limestones.

For more details about either of these two limestones, you can contact us directly or check any of the following sources:

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