Types of Jura limestone

The Jura is a fantastic limestone from Germany, which has seen an incredible growth in the past 10 years for use on all sorts of projects all over the world. There are few variations of this limestone that we explain to you on this article, as well as the video below.

Amongst the different types of Jura limestone, the Jura Beige is by far the most relevant, with the most demand and supply. Here, we have two main variations: the Jura Beige Dark and the Jura Beige Light. The Jura Beige overall presents a messy structure, with a decent amount of fossils and calcite, which will appear randomly on its surface. There is no specific pattern on the Jura Beige, it is just how this stone is. The difference between the Dark and the Light is simple, one is darker beige and the other one is light beige. They are both relevant types within the Jura world.

The second most relevant type of Jura limestone is the Jura Grey. Unlike the warm and earthy beige colour of the Jura Beige, the Jura Grey presents a cold concrete-type colour. It presents the same structure with fossils and calcite as the Jura Beige, but with a cold grey / silver colour. This is a popular type, but with less quantity and demand if compared to the beige brother.

The Jura Cocktail or Mixed is a marginal type of Jura limestone, representing a small demand and generally lower levels of extraction. This is a type of Jura that presents both beige and grey colours mixed in the same stone. This is essentially a more commercial and affordable type of Jura limestone.

Finally, we have the fantastic Jura Vein-cut, which essentially shows a vein-cut structure, with the +- parallel vein running along its surface. This can be presented as beige or grey. The Jura Vein-cut has quite small extraction and is ideally used on small scale decoration projects.

That´s it about the types of Jura limestone! For more details about any of the Jura limestones, you can contact us directly or check any of the following sources:

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