Product Description

Commercial selection of Light Emperador tiles, which display a honed finishing and a free length x 60cm of width and 2cm of thickness. In terms of structure, this particular marble presents an irregular background, with a strong white veinage and a consistent light-pale brown colour. There’s only 278m2 of material available. As so, it should be purchased for a relatively small project featuring interior applications, like flooring, wall coverings and bath design.

The Light Emperador is a light brown marble from Turkey, which displays an extensive irregular veinage in yellowish tonalities. The background is also irregular and non-uniform, with a fine grain and some occasional white calcite. The Light Emperador is certainly one of the most popular marbles from Turkey, due to its significant demand and extraction levels. This marble is mostly used on interior applications, such as flooring, coverings and bath design.

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Light Emperador



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Bath Design, Coverings, Decoration, Flooring