Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions that visitors and clients of this website regularly do. If you have any question that is not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be more than glad to assist you with any question or enquiry.

1. Can i trust the factories that promote deals here?

All suppliers/factories promoting on Natural Stone Outlet are reliable and well-established companies, with extensive experience exporting natural stones for both commercial clients as private ones.

2. How can i check the material is the one promoted?

Natural Stone Outlet does not get involved on the supply of natural stones nor check the exact stone on each individual deal promoted on the website. Each individual supplier/factory promoting their natural stone here should communicate directly with the clients in order to confirm material standards, conditions, price, etc. We advise all clients to ask as much information as possible to the factories about the deal, perhaps ask for a physical sample. Ultimately, if you feel the need to visit the factory and inspect the material this is also a possibility that should be discussed with the factory.

3. Can i contact the factory directly?

Yes. Each deal has direct information about the factory in order for you to be able to contact them directly by email, telephone or chat.

4. In case the material received is not what i expected, can i get a refund?

Each factory will have its own policies in relation to refunds. But from experience we know that the more information is shared and the clearer is the discussion about the product, the less likely is the chance of having a problem.

5. How can i find more information about the deal?

If you need any additional information about the deal that is not available on our website, you should contact the factory directly.

6. I need a bit more or a bit less material that is advertised on the deal, can i do it?

In principle yes, but you should contact the factory directly in order to discuss this point.

7. I need some staircases to go with my tiles, is it possible to arrange this?

In principle yes, but you should contact the factory directly in order to discuss this point. In any case, it is a very normal process where the supply of tiles also involve the supply of staircases, skirtings or any extra finished product. Factories are used to this diversity on each supply.

8. How long does it take to produce my material?

The availability time of the material promoted on each deal is normally shown on the right column of the deal. If not or if you are interested in a different quantity or finished product, you should check this directly with the factory.

9. Can i pay with credit card, paypal or other online payment?

It depends on each factory´s payment policy. But we can advance that the most common payment method in the industry for smaller supplies is by bank transfer.

10. Which are the payment conditions?

This will vary from factory to factory, but for smaller supplies expect either a 50% payment upfront and 50% before loading the material, or alternatively 100% upfront on confirmation of order. In any case, you should agree with the factory payment terms.

11. Does the offer on the deal include transport?

Unless if clearly stated, the offer on the deal should not included transport. For more information, you should contact the factory directly.

12. Who handles the transport? And how is it organized?

Factories normally work with different transport companies that transport by truck material to be delivered all over Europe. You can choose to handle the transport yourself and in this case the factory´s responsibility ends at the factory door after material is loaded into the truck. But you can also ask the factory to handle the transport for you and just wait to receive the material at your door.

13. How is the material delivered to my address?

The material is normally delivered on a large truck that comes directly from the factory. You normally need to arrange a forklift on site to unload the crates when the truck arrives. There are cases where smaller trucks with elevation platform can do the delivery, but this will need to be discussed with the factory or transport company that will organize the delivery.

14. How long will the transport take?

That will depend from where the material will come from and to where it will go. But generally and within Europe delivery takes less than 1 week.

15. What if the material arrives damaged?

These are terms that you should discuss with the factory. But transport companies normally include insurance for transport in their offers, which means that any damage that happens to the material during transport is covered by the insurance. If material arrives damaged, please make some pictures of the damage, refer this issue on the reception document and report it to party responsible for organizing the transport (factory or transport company directly).

16. Does the offer on the deal include VAT?

Normally all prices shown on the deals do not include VAT. For intra-European transaction, if final client is a registered company there is VAT exemption. If final client is a private person then the VAT of country of production should apply.

17. Am i dealing with Natural Stone Outlet or the factory?

All deals shown on our website are the entire responsibility of the factories promoting them. Natural Stone Outlet is simply an online platform where the factories can promote their natural stone at discounted prices. All possible negotiation and supply is dealt directly between the final client and the factory.

18. Does Natural Stone Outlet have any responsibility over the material supplied?

No. All deals shown on our website are the entire responsibility of the factories promoting them. Natural Stone Outlet does check every individual deal before publishing to guarantee that basic standards in the industry are met, also to present them clearly and professionally. But the transaction is done directly between the client and factory.