Product Description

Incredible offer for Moca Cream limestone panels with a rustic look. The panels have a bush-hammered + brushed surface finish, with chiseled edges, which giving it a rustic look. The panels have 100x50cm and 3cm thickness. Suitable for cladding, flooring and some landscaping if weather allowes. We have ongoing production of this type of product and can ship good quantities in 1-2 weeks time.

With a well-established international market, the Moca Cream is a reference natural stone and one of the most on-demand beige limestones from Portugal. The main characteristics of the Moca Cream revolve round its parallel vein, uniform background, light beige color and medium grain. Despite being recommended for a vast variety of applications, this limestone is often used on three particular ones – interior coverings, exterior cladding and flooring.

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Moca Cream



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Cladding, Flooring, Paving & Landscaping