Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions that visitors and clients of this website regularly do. If you have any question that is not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be more than glad to assist you with any question or enquiry.

1. Can i trust the factories that promote deals here?
2. How can i check the material is the one promoted?
3. Can i contact the factory directly?
4. In case the material received is not what i expected, can i get a refund?
5. How can i find more information about the deal?
6. I need a bit more or a bit less material that is advertised on the deal, can i do it?
7. I need some staircases to go with my tiles, is it possible to arrange this?
8. How long does it take to produce my material?
9. Can i pay with credit card, paypal or other online payment?
10. Which are the payment conditions?
11. Does the offer on the deal include transport?
12. Who handles the transport? And how is it organized?
13. How is the material delivered to my address?
14. How long will the transport take?
15. What if the material arrives damaged?
16. Does the offer on the deal include VAT?
17. Am i dealing with Natural Stone Outlet or the factory?
18. Does Natural Stone Outlet have any responsibility over the material supplied?