White Marble: Turkish Carrara

We will introduce you on this video to a very interesting white marble from Turkey, which is known locally as Turkish Carrara. The name derives from the original Italian marble Bianco Carrara, due to its similarities. This is a great alternative to the Italian marble, more abundant and at more affordable prices. Read more

Types of Jura limestone

The Jura is a fantastic limestone from Germany, which has seen an incredible growth in the past 10 years for use on all sorts of projects all over the world. There are few variations of this limestone that we explain to you on this article, as well as the video below.

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Capri limestone vs Moleanos Fine limestone

There are two light coloured limestones with great demand in the market that are quite similar, the Moleanos Fine from Portugal and the Capri from Spain. There may be some confusion about how they look and how similar they are, so we will be disclosing some information about them.

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Turkey beige marble: Daino Reale

The Daino Reale is a Turkish marble that presents a beige, brown colour and quite irregular structure. This is a very particular type of marble, with an unique structure and look. It presents an interesting blend of beige and brown colours, which together with its strong calcite areas, make it a great looking stone. 

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Turkey white marble: the Marmara White

The Marmara White is a very famous white marble from Turkey, also known as Equator marble. This is an unique type of marble, with a white coloured background, but what is particular about this marble is the parallel grey vein. 

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New Valverde limestone from Portugal

The Azul Valverde is a famous grey limestone from Portugal that has been a reference in the market for more than 20 years. However, this limestone is coming to an end, with quarries closing and ending its life-cycle. We introduce here a direct alternative to the Azul Valverde that we call New Valverde.

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How to choose Rojo Alicante marble

The Rojo Alicante is a red marble from Spain that presents a strong and well-defined red colour. We are talking about a fairly famous Spanish marble that together with the Crema Marfil and the Dark Emperador have gained worldwide recognition and reputation.

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Travertine Yellow from Turkey

The Travertine Yellow is a fantastic type of travertine stone that is mostly extracted in Turkey. There is a growing number of quarries extracting this type of travertine, which has seen an exponential demand worldwide. This is a yellow coloured travertine that can be supplied as vein cut or cross cut.

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How to choose Dark Emperador marble from Turkey

The Dark Emperador is essentially a Spanish brown marble, but in reality a similar type is also extracted in Turkey with growing numbers. On this video, we will not be comparing the Turkish with the Spanish Dark Emperador, but instead will be focussing on presenting the Turkish alternative.

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Travertine Noce from Turkey – Vein Cut Finishings

The Travertine Noce from Turkey is a brown type of travertine, presenting a brown colour and in many cases is supplied with a vein-cut structure. This is a versatile type of stone that accepts a wide range of surface finishings for both interior and exterior uses.

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How to choose Capri limestone from Spain

The Capri is a famous white limestone from Spain, which presents a white colour, very uniform background and a grain towards fine / medium. This is a fantastic type of limestone, with a considerable demand worldwide.

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Tumbled travertine tiles from Turkey

Travertine tumbled tiles are a common type of travertine tiles found in Turkey. These are small sized tiles with 8x8cm or 10x10cm with 1cm or 1.2cm thickness, which have a tumbled surface and are normally used on garden and landscaping applications as well as wall coverings.

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Travertine Rose from Turkey

The Travertine Rose is a special type of travertine from Turkey, which presents a red / pinkish / rose colour. This is a type of travertine with a particular colour tone and that is not extracted by to many quarries. It is a beautiful light red type of travertine with a growing demand.

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Jura Beige limestone finishings

The Jura Beige is a limestone from Germany that has become a reference beige limestone in the building sector. This is a versatile limestone that can accept a wide range of surface finishings, to be used both on interior and exterior applications. On this article, we introduce you to some of the most common types of surface finishings for this wonderful limestone.  Read more

Most Popular Moleanos Fine Finishings

The Moleanos Fine is a beige limestone from Portugal, with a considerable demand from several international markets, such as multiple Asian channels. As a former Moleanos stone, it accepts a huge number of finishings. However, only a few are commonly used and requested by professionals. Read more

Turkey grey marble: Kale Silver

The Kale Silver is a grey / silver marble from Turkey that is slightly unknown in the market. This is in fact a marble that is extracted in white marble quarries, but presenting a mostly grey coloured structure and look. On this video, we give a quick introduction to this beautiful marble from Turkey.

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How to choose Emperador marble from Turkey

There are quite some interesting options of Emperador marble in Turkey. In fact, Turkey has abundant reserves of this type of marble, with a large number of quarries scattered all over the country. We present here, 3 variations that we find interesting, which have demand and potential for future use. 

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Limestone comparison: Jura Grey vs Moleanos Blue

There are today two major grey limestones in the market that are normally considered for projects all over the world. They are the Jura Grey limestone from Germany and the Moleanos Blue limestone from Portugal. There are common misconceptions about these limestones and often people are confused and do not know the difference. Well, here we disclose a bit of information, making a detailed comparison between both limestones.

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Moleanos B1 grey limestone finishings

On this article, we will introduce you to a great choice of grey limestone from Portugal: the Moleanos B1. This is a specific type of limestone that has been extracted for few years only, but is today a serious reference in the sector. It is a very versatile limestone that also accepts a wide range of surface finishings. Here, we present some of the most popular types of finishings.

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Travertine Classic from Turkey – Vein Cut Finishings

On this video, we are going to introduce you to a wonderful type of natural stone from Turkey: the Travertine Classic, with a vein-cut structure. We will talk about this travertine and more specifically about its main surface finishings. 

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How to choose Light Emperador marble from Turkey

The Light Emperador is a brown marble that despite being originally extracted in Spain, it is today mostly extracted in Turkey, where production is mass scale. This is a light brown marble, with a typical Emperador spider-web structure. 

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Spanish marble colour combinations

Spanish coloured marble are very popular worldwide, with large demand. These are also popular to be used in combination with each other, to create contrast, patterns and overall decorative and design effects. There are several coloured marble combination, but some are more popular than others. On this video, we introduce you to some of the most popular Spanish coloured marble combinations. Read more

Most relevant Spanish marble

There are today many options in terms of Spanish marble, in particular when it comes to coloured marble. There is a wide variety of colours, which are used on a diversity of applications, most commonly on interior applications. From this wide range, we select 4 marble as the most relevant ones, based on market demand, international recognition and popularity.  Read more

Limra limestone surface finishings

The Limra is a fairly known Turkish limestone that presents a white colour. There are not too many white coloured limestones in the world market, but Limra is one of them. This is a versatile type of limestone as it can accept quite well a wide range of surface finishings. We present here some of the most relevant surface finishings used on this limestone. Read more

Turkey beige marble: Botticino

Botticino is a widely known beige marble that has its origins in Italy, from where it gained its international recognition. Today, Turkey extracts a similar type of marble that is also called locally as Botticino, which we are presenting here. This is a similar type of marble, but with its own specifications. It is a darker beige marble, with a fairly uniform colour and particular structure.

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