How to Choose: Jura Beige vs. Moleanos Classic

In the beige limestone market, the Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are two of the most important and on-demand stones worldwide. Both present a consistent beige colour, followed by a substantial hardness and an exceptional versatility. As so, the two of them can accept about any finishing and be used in a huge variety of applications.

In terms of structure, the Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are quite similar. For instance, the colour presented is very beige and persistent on both of them, except in the darker variations of the Jura Beige. The hardness is quite substantial as well and the grain ranges do not differ much. What truly differentiates these two beige limestones are their background. While the Moleanos Classic displays a rather plain and uniform surface, with some signs of natural elements, such as fossils, the Jura Beige presents a more irregular and unpredictable structure, with well visible elements, such as calcite, fossils and coloured spots. The Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are definitely two of the most prominent beige limestones on the market, which is exposed by their ranks of popularity, demand and availability. Below, we exhaustively compare the Jura Beige vs. Moleanos Classic.


1. Jura Beige Limestone

The Jura Beige is among the most well-known natural stones from Germany, with a considerable demand, especially on the European market. With a great availability, this beige limestone has a very competitive positioning, with affordable prices, versatile features and considerable reserves for future extraction. The core structure of this limestone consists of thin to medium grain, a substantial hardness and a non-uniform background. There’s usually a strong presence of natural elements, such as fossils and calcite shown in darker shades. The Jura Beige can be applied to about anything, due to its versatility.

There are two main variations for the Jura Beige, in which the colour is the main variable. The Jura Beige light presents a somewhat light beige, similar to the Moleanos Classic. On the other hand, the Jura Beige dark displays some other tonalities, such as coffee and browns. The appearance of this limestone is generally unpredictable and unique, due to background uniformity and given elements.

Main Features: Irregular and unorganized background; considerable hardness; consistent beige colour.

Recommended for: Exterior and interior applications in general.

Jura Beige Limestone Light Variation

Jura Beige Limestone Dark Variation


2. Moleanos Classic Limestone

As one of the most popular beige limestones from Portugal, the Moleanos Classic also detains a significant demand from several different markets all over the world. Overall, the Moleanos Classic structure is a bit similar to the Jura Beige. It presents thin to medium grain, increased hardness, a persistent beige colour and an extraordinary versatility. However, appearance wise this limestone is much more uniform, plain and regular, as there is too little variation. There can be some occasional natural elements, like fine spots, calcite or shells, but not too many. Therefore, the Moleanos Classic presents a more standard and predictable look, which intensifies the overall versatility, as it can match about any type of project or even other natural stones. Lastly, this is a growing on popularity, mostly due to its competitive positioning in terms of pricing and strategy in the international market.

Main Features: Uniform and plain background; considerable hardness; consistent beige colour.

Recommended for: Exterior cladding and interior applications.

Moleanos Classic Limestone