Jura Beige limestone finishings

The Jura Beige is a limestone from Germany that has become a reference beige limestone in the building sector. This is a versatile limestone that can accept a wide range of surface finishings, to be used both on interior and exterior applications. On this article, we introduce you to some of the most common types of surface finishings for this wonderful limestone.  Read more

Most Popular Moleanos Fine Finishings

The Moleanos Fine is a beige limestone from Portugal, with a considerable demand from several international markets, such as multiple Asian channels. As a former Moleanos stone, it accepts a huge number of finishings. However, only a few are commonly used and requested by professionals. Read more

Moleanos B1 grey limestone finishings

On this article, we will introduce you to a great choice of grey limestone from Portugal: the Moleanos B1. This is a specific type of limestone that has been extracted for few years only, but is today a serious reference in the sector. It is a very versatile limestone that also accepts a wide range of surface finishings. Here, we present some of the most popular types of finishings.

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Limra limestone surface finishings

The Limra is a fairly known Turkish limestone that presents a white colour. There are not too many white coloured limestones in the world market, but Limra is one of them. This is a versatile type of limestone as it can accept quite well a wide range of surface finishings. We present here some of the most relevant surface finishings used on this limestone. Read more

Most Popular Irish Blue limestone finishings

The Irish Blue Limestone has a very consolidate positioning in the global market, summing up centuries of traditional usage in Ireland and other Northern Europe countries. In the present days, this limestone has an incredibly high demand, mostly due to its versatility, which allows for a huge range of finishings. Below, we present the most requested ones. Read more

Most Popular Moleanos Blue Finishings

With an incredible demand, the Moleanos Blue is a trendy limestone from Portugal with a limited supply. This blue-grey limestone is quite durable and versatile. Therefore, the acceptance range is quite diverse in terms of possible finishings. Nevertheless, there are four particular types that have been dominating the international market.

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Most Popular Jura Grey Finishings

The Jura Grey is a reference limestone from Germany, with a large availability and a considerable demand. This grey limestone is mostly known for its hardness and grey colour consistency. Though, it can accept about any type of finishing, there are only a few Jura Grey finishings that are highly produced and demanded worldwide.

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Most Popular Moca Cream Finishings

As one of the most prominent beige limestones from Portugal, the Moca Cream has a well-established position in the international market, since it barely has any direct competition. Known for its rich veinage and uniform beige colour, the Moca Cream limestone can accept a huge variety of finishings but not all are a global preference.

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Most Popular Moleanos Classic Finishings

The Moleanos Classic is a well-established natural stone from Portugal, that is mostly known for its endurance and versatility. Uniform with a beige colour, the Moleanos is a true variety stone. Although, it can technically accept almost all types of finishings, there are four particular ones that stand out in the international market.

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