Burdur Red Marble from Turkey

The Burdur Red is a red marble from Turkey that presents a unique and messy structure, composed by calcite elements. Despite being quite famous in Turkey, this marble is yet to conquer the international markets. The following analysis presents the most relevant and updated information regarding the Burdur Red marble.

Country: Turkey   |   Colour: Red   |   Stone Type: Marble
Main Feature: White calcite veins, which create a “spider web” effect.

Known for the supply of quality natural stones, Turkey is an exceptional source of marble, no matter the color or size. In this case, the Burdur Red is a marble with low visibility outside the Turkish territory. However, it still presents a great potential for future growth, mostly due to its interesting structure and usage tendencies, which generally include decoration works. The Burdur Red marble definitely provides a sublime and alternative look, especially if combined with other natural stones.

Structure and Composition

With a peculiar structure, the Burdur Red delivers a lot of authenticity and exclusiveness. The background of this marble contains large amounts of calcite, through the shape of well-defined thin lines or unorganized clusters, which create the typical “spider web” effect. Needless to say, that it presents a very irregular background, in which the colour is also non-uniform, since it displays darker and lighter areas across the surface, creating a certain red colour variation. The Burder Red has a medium hardness and grain, followed by a porosity of around 3%.

Burdur Red Marble Profile

Market Presence

As specified before, the Burdur Red has a well-established presence in the Turkish market. Presently, this marble is recognized as one of the most important red marbles from Turkey, since it has been able to achieve a considerable internal positioning during the last decades. However, when it comes to the global sphere, this marble is still developing its own segment. On the other hand, the international reception has been rather positive, with an increased interest, as well as a substantial growth and demand. Therefore, the Burdur Red reveals a great potential for future growth.

Burdur Red Marble Tiles

Extraction and Applications

The Burdur Red has a moderate extraction level, conducted in the Turkish area of Burdur. Due to the present demand, there are only a few quarries with medium dimensions performing the extractions. However, there are considerable reserves for future exploration, in cause of exponentially growth. In terms of usage, the Burdur Red has a particular tendency, which involves all types of decoration works. Furthermore, it often used and combined with other natural stones, for example, with beige marbles and limestones. The mixed applications usually feature flooring, covering and bath design.

Burdur Red Marble Mixed Flooring
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