Moleanos B1 grey limestone finishings

On this article, we will introduce you to a great choice of grey limestone from Portugal: the Moleanos B1. This is a specific type of limestone that has been extracted for few years only, but is today a serious reference in the sector. It is a very versatile limestone that also accepts a wide range of surface finishings. Here, we present some of the most popular types of finishings.

Honed surface

This type of finishing presents a plain and uniform colour and background. It makes the stone look very uniform, with a consistent grey colour, where the slight colour tone variation of the stone becomes very discreet and any possible elements will fade. This is probably the most popular surface finishing used on this limestone, being found on applications such as cladding, interior and exterior flooring, decoration and much more.


Flamed surface

The flamed surface process consists of burning the surface of the stone, giving it a slight rough appearance, but with a fairly plain and uniform colour with little variation. Again, this is a very uniform surface finishing, which adds to the fact that has a considerable anti-slippery capacity. This is a great surface finishing to be used on exterior flooring for example, but is also found on interior applications, decoration, cladding and more.


Sandblasted + brushed surface

This finishing consists on sandblasting the surface of the stone, which will make the whole surface fairly white or light coloured with a slight roughness. The brushing will then remove some of the roughness, while bringing back the natural grey colour of the limestone. The final result is a fairly plain surface, uniform. This is a very popular type of surface finishing that is today used on all sorts of interior and exterior applications.


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