Welcome to the Natural Stone Outlet

With innovation and high quality standards, the Natural Stone Outlet is finally online and ready to present stone deals from all over Europe. The key element here is to directly connect clients with suppliers in order to promote a more competitive segment. But what is this project all about?

The Natural Stone Outlet is a multi-language platform that allows natural stone suppliers from all around Europe, to select and post special deals while directly interacting with potential clients. This particular feature permits both parties to negotiate all sorts of business points, turning the whole buying-selling act into something more versatile and dynamic. As so, aspects like pricing, shipping and sample availability will be up for discussion. Freedom and openness are also part of this trading system, that allows almost every single aspect of the transaction to be discussed and changed based on each party’s best interests. Moreover, this is an innovative project since it’s the first in Europe to deliver natural stone products at an affordable price, while allowing customers to sort their own deals by directing trading with the suppliers.

In the end, the Natural Stone Outlet works as an online mediator that provides all the necessary conditions to promote this client-supplier communication, by reassuring that all quality standards are met, from the very source at the quarries to the final visible content at each deal’s page. We also insist on promoting only reliable and well-experienced factories because all deals are entirely the responsibility of the entities promoting them. Therefore, we must keep our quality standards at the highest levels possible in order to guarantee and improve customer satisfaction.

The portal will be constantly updated and new/special offers will emerge with frequency. Once again, this is a natural stone platform that features a next level experience for e-commerce. If you wish to learn more about this project, visit our institutional page.