Portoro Antalya black marble from Turkey

The Portoro Antalya is a black marble from Turkey that has quite an exclusive and unique look. This has a messy and unpredictable structure that does not resemble any other stone, composed by darker and lighter coloured areas, some occasional to abundant white calcite and eventually some golden coloured veins. 

Country: Turkey   |   Colour: Black   |   Stone Type: Marble
Main Feature: Dark Silver / Black marble, with irregular structure and white calcite

Known for the supply of quality natural stones, Turkey is an exceptional source of marble, no matter the colour. In terms of black marble, Turkey has an array of options. Black marble are extracted in different parts of the country and the choice is quite interesting. This is the case of the Portoro Antalya, which takes its name from the original Portoro from Italy. This is a black marble with an extravagant structure that is mostly used on interior application, flooring, decoration mostly.

Structure and Composition

With a peculiar structure, the Portoro Antalya delivers a lot of authenticity and exclusiveness on a black marble. The background of this marble contains large amounts of irregular areas or clouds, with some variation in terms of dark and light black colour tones. The black colour is well-defined but these sections are what characterize this marble. In addition, the Portoro Antalya may present quite a lot of white calcite, mostly irregular calcite lines. Not to forget the golden – yellow lines that may appear on specific selections of the marble: the Golden Portoro.

Portoro black marble

Market Presence

The Portoro Antalya is a reference black marble that takes a lot of credit for its international recognition from the original Italian Portoro. It is known to be an exclusive black marble, mostly used on high level interior decoration projects. The Golden Portoro, which is its most exclusive variation, is probably one of the most expensive marble available in the market and it is very exclusive. There is particular demand for this marble on countries in the Middle East, Russia and others. This is a quintessential marble to be used on exclusive projects, with high margins.

Portoro black marble slabs


As mentioned, the Portoro Antalya is a quintessential marble to be used on exclusive projects, most notably interior applications. It is common to find this marble on interior flooring applications, combined with other coloured marble. Diverse interior decoration applications is also a major destination for this marble, where it does wonders on bath design, columns, water-jet work and much more. The Portoro Antalya is mostly used in smaller to medium quantities, due to not so large supply available.

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