Turkey beige marble: Botticino

Botticino is a widely known beige marble that has its origins in Italy, from where it gained its international recognition. Today, Turkey extracts a similar type of marble that is also called locally as Botticino, which we are presenting here. This is a similar type of marble, but with its own specifications. It is a darker beige marble, with a fairly uniform colour and particular structure.

The Turkish Botticino is a beige marble, with a fairly uniform darker beige coloured background. There is not much colour tone variation on this type of marble, with a predictable light coffee / darker beige colour. What is particular about this type of Botticino is the presence of a somehow irregular darker vein, which does not present any particular pattern, but is relatively irregular. In addition, it is common to find some signs of calcite, as well as some little clouded areas with some slight colour tone variation.

The Botticino marble from Turkey has seen an incredible growth in demand, mostly due to its more affordable price and consistency, if compared to the original Italian ones. It is today as reference marble by its own, where its quantity and fairly good uniformity has been opening different markets. Projects from all over the world have been using this marble. In terms of selection, it is commonly classified in two main selections, as presented below:

Botticino marble – Commercial selection

Variation that is known for its more irregular structure. It still presents the fairly uniform colour of the Botticino, but showing quite some elements and overall a more messy structure. The darker lines are more evident and dispersed, but also we see more clouded white areas composed by calcite. This is a variation that has more quantity available, with large demand for projects in the Middle East for example.

Botticino marble - Commercial

Botticino marble – First selection

More exclusive selection, the First will show a very uniform colour tone, with the added bonus of having a very clean surface with hardly any veins. It shows the typical Botticino structure, but very clean and uniform. This variation presents more limited quantity at the quarries, being mostly used for small to medium scale projects.

Botticino marble - First

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