Limra limestone surface finishings

The Limra is a fairly known Turkish limestone that presents a white colour. There are not too many white coloured limestones in the world market, but Limra is one of them. This is a versatile type of limestone as it can accept quite well a wide range of surface finishings. We present here some of the most relevant surface finishings used on this limestone.

Smooth surface finishings

On this category of surface finishings, we will find the ones with a more smooth surface. We start with the polished surface, which is the finishing that most highlights the few elements and colour of the Limra. It presents a plain and shiny look, being mostly used on interior flooring applications. Next to it, we have the honed surface, which shows a matt surface with no shine. This is a plain and white surface that is ideal for exterior cladding applications. Finally, we have the brushed finishing, which brushes the surface of the stone just slightly, carving it just a little bit. It looks a lot like the honed surface, but some extra anti-slippery capacity. Normally used on exterior cladding or interior flooring.


Textured surface finishings (smooth)

Here, we will find three main surface finishings that will show a more textured surface, but still with a smooth feel to it. The first surface finishing is the tumbled. This finishing does not change much the structure of the Limra, presenting a white colour, some occasional small holes and a decent anti-slippery capacity. This is mostly used on interior flooring. Next, we have the hard or strong brushed surface finishing, which will give the Limra a kind of leather-looking surface. The surface will still be smooth, but with a very decent anti-slippery capacity. Again, mostly used on interior flooring. Finally, we have the bush-hammered + brushed surface finishing, which is probably the best smooth anti-slippery type of finishing. It presents a strong textured surface, but smooth. Ideal for both interior flooring or pool borders.


Textured surface finishings (rough)

Finally, we have the textured surface finishings that are rough. These will be the best anti-slippery choices for exterior flooring for example. We start with the sawn-cut, which basically is no surface finishing at all, it is simply the result of gang-saw work, where blocks are sawn into slabs. This is the result of sawn-cut, which presents a white colour and rough look. Commonly used on cladding. Next to it, we have the sandblasted, which makes the whole surface pretty white and extremely uniform. Again, used on cladding. And to end, we have the bush-hammered surface finishing, which is the most rough type of surface finishing for this limestone.


All-in-all, the Limra is a type of limestone that accepts well different surface finishings, like presented above and even more. But due to its colour and composition, this is a type of stone that does not change much its colour with the different surface finishings, but the change essentially occurs in terms of texture and structure. You will get more or less anti-slippery according to the surface finishing, this is essentially the issue to consider when choosing a surface finishing for Limra limestone.

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