Capri limestone vs Moleanos Fine limestone

There are two light coloured limestones with great demand in the market that are quite similar, the Moleanos Fine from Portugal and the Capri from Spain. There may be some confusion about how they look and how similar they are, so we will be disclosing some information about them.

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How to choose Capri limestone from Spain

The Capri is a famous white limestone from Spain, which presents a white colour, very uniform background and a grain towards fine / medium. This is a fantastic type of limestone, with a considerable demand worldwide.

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Limra limestone surface finishings

The Limra is a fairly known Turkish limestone that presents a white colour. There are not too many white coloured limestones in the world market, but Limra is one of them. This is a versatile type of limestone as it can accept quite well a wide range of surface finishings. We present here some of the most relevant surface finishings used on this limestone. Read more