Travertine Tiles: Two Side Filling

The two side filling for travertine tiles is an innovative processing technique, which improves the durability and resistance of the material. This relatively new process brings a set of advantages for the project and the client, including an increased property value and a longer sustainability with very little maintenance.

The Travertine stone presents a very porous structure, with many small natural holes and a somewhat absorbent surface. This characteristic feature of the travertine might seem harmless and a simple visual aspect but it can have implications on the long run. This type of structure is less resistant and durable in comparison with other natural stones, for example marbles and granites. Therefore, the producers of travertine in Turkey have been developing an innovative technique to increase the longevity of travertine tiles. This practice includes a 1cm to 1.2cm cement filling, which seals all the natural holes on both sides of the tile. There are several advantages for this procedure:

1. Increased Durability

The main advantage of the two side filling is clearly the increased durability and resistance of the travertine tiles. This method fills up all the natural holes of the stone from both sides, which creates a protective barrier with numerous benefits. It does not only allow the tiles to remain in place for longer, as it also makes the material more resistance to all sorts of damage.

Travertine Tiles 2 Side Filling Closeup

2. Added Property Value

Natural stone tiles remain intact for several decades, outliving the actual building in some particular cases. And even though travertine tiles are easily replaceable, it is preferable that they subsist for longer periods, at least in terms of value. Therefore, by increasing the product durability with the two side filling procedure, there’s a visible added value to the property.

3. Sustainable Product

Travertine tiles require maintenance on a regular basis, it is a well-known fact. However, with a two side filling the maintenance rates are drastically reduced. As most of the porosity disappears, so does the necessity to constantly preserve the tiles. The filling ensures that the product is in great conditions for longer periods, without the need for regular maintenance.

Travertine Tiles 2 Side Filling

4. Disadvantages Neutralized

The two side filling technique somewhat neutralizes most of the disadvantages of the travertine. For instance, acidic substances (chemicals, citric juice, salt, etc…) won’t be much of an issue anymore. After all, the filling is now protecting the tiles from most exterior factors. This does not mean however, that you can apply just any product on the tiles. But at least it’s not a permanent risk to do so.

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