Most Popular Moleanos Blue Finishings

With an incredible demand, the Moleanos Blue is a trendy limestone from Portugal with a limited supply. This blue-grey limestone is quite durable and versatile. Therefore, the acceptance range is quite diverse in terms of possible finishings. Nevertheless, there are four particular types that have been dominating the international market.

As a direct variation to the Moleanos limestone, this particular limestone displays most of the given elements, since both share the same structure and are extracted from the same quarries. The Moleanos Blue is fairly hard with a relatively uniform background and a light blue greyish colour. The grain can range from fine to medium and the surface can contain all sort of elements, such as fossils, shells and some lighter and darker spots. Despite being quite famous internationally, this is a natural stone whose supply doesn’t always meet the demand, due to shortage of resources. The recommended applications for the Moleanos Blue covers about everything in both interior and exterior scenarios, like cladding, flooring, stonework, masonry and wall coverings. On the other hand, each application normally requires a specific type of finishing. Learn more below.


The honed finishing produces a very uniform and consistent background, while removing the natural shine of the stone. The result is a matte surface with almost no reflection and a significant porosity. Additionally, the colours lose intensity and become lighter – a pale blue-greyish colour is the main tonality in this finishing. All the core elements of the Moleanos are quite visible and well preserved through the numerous shells, fossils and occasional shaded areas. The honed finishing is recommended for flooring applications in general, but it is also commonly found in exterior projects that include cladding and wall coverings.

Main Features: Uniform background; matte surface; natural elements; subtle blue-grey colour.

Top Applications: Interior and exterior flooring.

Moleanos Blue Honed



The general appearance of the polished finishing is very similar to the honed one, with the main difference laying on the surface’s intense shining. The polished finishing also enhances the original colour of the Moleanos Blue, where the blue and grey tonalities are greatly highlighted. All the typical Moleanos elements, like shells and fossils, are even more visible in this finishing, since the increased shining makes them more perceptible. Additionally, the limestone becomes more resistance and durable with almost no porosity. The polished type is ideal for indoor applications, including wall coverings, decoration, bath design and flooring.

Main Features: Shiny surface; increased durability; intense blue-grey colour.

Top Application: Interior flooring.

Moleanos Blue Polished



The flamed finishing is a result of directly exposing the stone to high temperatures, which creates a rough surface. This technique generates a protective layer made of thin roughness, an endurance feature that is ideal for all types of exterior applications, such as cladding, flooring, paving and landscaping. This finishing presents a very rough and anti-slippery surface, followed by a fading natural colour in the shape of a lighter and pale blue-greyish colour. Despite of still preserving most of the Moleanos core elements, the flaming type is quite abrasive and uniform, which smooths the visibility of some elements, like shells and fossils.

Main Features: Rough and non-slip surface; increased durability; subtle blue-grey colour.

Top Application: Exterior flooring.

Moleanos Blue Flamed



The technique combination of sandblasted and brushed is one of the most popular finishings for exterior flooring with Moleanos Blue, mostly because it produces a fairly rough and anti-slippery surface that increases endurance and durability.  The core elements of the Moleanos limestone are also visible across the background, specially shells and fossils. Also, the sandblasted generates very small craters that slightly highlights the natural colours of the stone. Therefore, the colour becomes slightly lighter. Finally, this finishing obtains the best results on exterior projects, with a particular focus on flooring and paving.

Main Features: Rough and non-slip surface; increased durability; highlighted blue-grey colour.

Top Application: Exterior flooring.

Moleanos Blue Sandblasted-Brushed

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