Travertine Classic from Turkey

With a remarkable reputation, the Travertine Classic is possibly one of the most popular travertines in the world. Besides a very consolidated market, the Travertine Classic also displays an incredible acceptance and on-demand values. This tremendous success lays on three main key-factors: availability, versatility and general appearance.

Country: Turkey   |   Colour: Beige   |   Stone Type: Travertine
Main Features: Mineral and parallel vein; natural holes

The Travertine Classic is one of the most popular natural stones from Turkey and a true top seller in the industry, counting with an incredibly high production and on-demand rates. With a somewhat uniform surface, the Travertine Classic is often presented in two main forms, the cross-cut and the vein-cut. Both of them with their own appearance perks. While the first displays a more plain and shaded background, the second shows a well-defined and parallel vein. This beige travertine makes the wonders of many architects all over the world. Not only because of its beautiful and balanced look, but also because this is a very versatile and accessible stone.

Structure and Composition

The general composition of the Travertine Classic is heavily characterized by the presence of natural holes and occasional darker-lighter spots. The background is also somewhat uniform and also the main colour is beige, with a certain consistency. However, the main differences come between the two main forms for this travertine. The cross-cut features a cut against the vein, which produces a surface with no visible veinage but with a rather shaded surface, filled with cloudy spots of different beige tones. On the other hand, the vein-cut is precisely a cut in favour of the vein. Therefore, it displays a well-defined mineral vein, which runs parallelly across the surface. The last one is definitely the most popular type, since it portraits the natural essence of the Travertine Classic.

Travertine Classic Profile

Market Presence

The Travertine Classic is one of the most influential travertines in the world. It is most likely the travertine with the highest production and on-demand levels in the whole industry. Apart from presenting an astonishing popularity, the Travertine Classic has conquered the international markets, mostly through price and availability. Besides the competitive background, this travertine detains very large reserves, which increases the security for future extraction and growth. Versatility is also a market key, since the Travertine Classic can fulfill about any project specifications. On the other hand, a new issue has arisen regarding selection counterfeit. Because many other types of Travertine share a similar appearance with the Travertine Classic.

Travertine Classic Tiles

Extraction and Applications

Originally from Turkey, the Travertine Classic is mostly extracted from the province of Denizli. There are numerous quarries extracting this stone, in which some of them are quite large with up to 8 layers of extraction. Despite the increased production levels, there are still very large reserves available, which allows a great prospective for future growth. The Travertine Classic is a versatile stone because it can normally fulfill about any project specifications. However, this travertine is most commonly used on applications such as flooring, coverings, cladding and bath design.

Travertine Classic Interior Flooring and Coverings

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