How to choose Dark Emperador marble from Turkey

The Dark Emperador is essentially a Spanish brown marble, but in reality a similar type is also extracted in Turkey with growing numbers. On this video, we will not be comparing the Turkish with the Spanish Dark Emperador, but instead will be focussing on presenting the Turkish alternative.

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How to choose Emperador marble from Turkey

There are quite some interesting options of Emperador marble in Turkey. In fact, Turkey has abundant reserves of this type of marble, with a large number of quarries scattered all over the country. We present here, 3 variations that we find interesting, which have demand and potential for future use. 

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Most relevant Spanish marble

There are today many options in terms of Spanish marble, in particular when it comes to coloured marble. There is a wide variety of colours, which are used on a diversity of applications, most commonly on interior applications. From this wide range, we select 4 marble as the most relevant ones, based on market demand, international recognition and popularity.  Read more