How to choose Dark Emperador marble from Turkey

The Dark Emperador is essentially a Spanish brown marble, but in reality a similar type is also extracted in Turkey with growing numbers. On this video, we will not be comparing the Turkish with the Spanish Dark Emperador, but instead will be focussing on presenting the Turkish alternative.

Turkey has an abundant offer of marble, including brown coloured types of marble. There is one specific type that is familiar to most people, which is the Turkish Dark Emperador. This stone essentially is taking its name from the original Dark Emperador from Spain, but with slight differences.

What we have is essentially the Emperador structure, with a brown coloured background. The type of brown is not as dark as the Spanish one, but still presents a decent type of consistent brown colour. It presents the typical Emperador spiderweb structure, showing the white calcite all over its surface. The selection we show on this video is considered a First grade selection, which shows a consistent brown colour and well balanced spiderweb. All in all, this is a uniform selection.

The Dark Emperador accepts well the polished and honed surface. And it is mostly used on interior applications, such as flooring or wall coverings, in particular if combined with other coloured marble.

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