How to choose Emperador marble from Turkey

There are quite some interesting options of Emperador marble in Turkey. In fact, Turkey has abundant reserves of this type of marble, with a large number of quarries scattered all over the country. We present here, 3 variations that we find interesting, which have demand and potential for future use. 

Emperador marble is one of the most relevant types of marble in Turkey, with many quarries extracting a considerable number of variations, colours, types. We present here some of the most relevant types, for its quantity, availability and potential for growth.

Light Emperador

By far the most relevant type of Emperador marble in Turkey, it is together with white and beige marble, the main type of marble in Turkey. There are lots of different quarries extracting this type of Emperador and it represents the largest quantity of Emperador marble produced and exported.  The Light Emperador presents a strong spider-web structure, a light brown / honey background colour and not too much consistency. But these are the points that make this stone so popular.


White Emperador

This is a fairly special type of Emperador in Turkey, presenting a limited level of extraction, but with good potential for growth. This marble presents a typical Emperador structure, but with quite limited spider-web. It is distinct from other Emperador marble due to its light grey / nearly white coloured background. It presents some occasional darker brown areas, which are not very predictable. Due to its limited supply, this is a good marble to be used on small projects.


Dark Emperador

As the 2nd most relevant type of Emperador in Turkey, the Dark Emperador takes its name from the Spanish type. Despite not showing the same dark brown colour tone as its Spanish counterpart, the Turkish Dark Emperador presents a similar structure, with the spider-web. It shows a pale brown colour, not too dark. Some new variations of this marble may show quite some dark brown colour, but are slowly coming up in the market.


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