Travertine Noce from Turkey – Vein Cut Finishings

The Travertine Noce from Turkey is a brown type of travertine, presenting a brown colour and in many cases is supplied with a vein-cut structure. This is a versatile type of stone that accepts a wide range of surface finishings for both interior and exterior uses.

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Jura Beige limestone finishings

The Jura Beige is a limestone from Germany that has become a reference beige limestone in the building sector. This is a versatile limestone that can accept a wide range of surface finishings, to be used both on interior and exterior applications. On this article, we introduce you to some of the most common types of surface finishings for this wonderful limestone.  Read more

Best surface finishings for stone cladding

There any today many types of surface finishings on natural stones used on exterior cladding, which gives different colour tones, structures and looks to exterior cladding. Due to the constant exposure to exterior elements, a proper surface finishing is relevant and may decide how well the cladding will “age”. We discuss here some of the most relevant surface finishings used today on exterior cladding applications. 

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Best Surface Finishings for Landscaping

There are numerous surface finishings that can be used on landscaping projects. Although, not all finishings are suitable for this type of application, there is still a wide range of options. The best surface finishings for landscape in 2017, include a set of complete finishings, with anti-slip capacities and a long-lasting endurance.

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