Best Surface Finishings for Landscaping

There are numerous surface finishings that can be used on landscaping projects. Although, not all finishings are suitable for this type of application, there is still a wide range of options. The best surface finishings for landscape in 2017, include a set of complete finishings, with anti-slip capacities and a long-lasting endurance.

Landscape applications are probably the most demanding type of exterior applications, since they need to fulfill a set of specific requirements. Apart from a strong endurance and an anti-slip capacity, the materials should also be able to prevail over the years, while maintaining most of its original properties. However, the resistance and endurance is probably the most important factor. After all, landscaping applications are intended to resist all sorts of environmental damage and to remain intact for several decades. There are many finishing surfaces for landscaping but only a few put together all the essential conditions for this type of application.


1. Bush-Hammered

The bush-hammered is one of the best surface finishings for landscape, in terms of popularity, demand and features. It presents an extremely rough surface, with one of the most anti-slippery surfaces you can find in the market. This technique removes most of the natural elements of the stone, providing a very uniform and clean background. The original colour of the stone can slightly change as well, as it normally becomes brighter and subtler. The resistance and endurance of the bush-hammered finishing is quite high, which benefits landscaping projects in general.

Main Features: Very rough surface; very high anti-slip; high resistance; natural elements disappear.

Surface Finishings - Moleanos Classic Bush-Hammered


2. Sandblasted & Brushed

Another quite popular and high on demand finishing for landscape is the sandblasted & brushed. This finishing combines two techniques, which increase the overall endurance of the stone and it creates a considerable anti-slip capacity. One of the main advantages of this surface, is the fact that it keeps the natural elements and the original appearance of the stone. It also preserves the same colour tonalities. On the other hand, the surface is not as rough and resistant to environmental damage. Besides that, the anti-slip is not the highest among landscape finishings.

Main Features: High anti-slip; high resistance; the original look of the stone is preserved.

Surface Finishings - Moleanos Classic Sandblasted & Brushed


3. Honed

The classic honed is the most common finishing for vertical exterior applications, which includes flooring and landscape. The strongest aspect of the honed surface is that it has a very strong resistance and endurance. It ages very well across the years. Even after a few decades, most of the natural elements of the stone will remain the same. The colours won’t change much either, due to this high preservation feature. However, the surface is not that rough, it is matte instead, and the anti-slippery capacity is quite standard.

Main Features: Matte surface; high resistance; the original look of the stone is highly-preserved.

Surface Finishings - Jura Beige Honed


4. Brushed

The brushed technique craves the softer parts of the stone, leaving the harder ones on the top of the surface. It creates a leather-like type of texture, with a great anti-slip capacity. The surface is quite rough, with this interesting texture, which goes well with a variety of different stones. The brushed finishing provides a high resistance and endurance but it does not preserve the original appearance of the stone. Some minor elements might remain, but the majority will disappear in order to produce the leather texture.

Main Features: Rough surface; high anti-slip, high resistance; leather-like texture.

Surface Finishings - Moca Cream Classic Brushed


5. Flamed

By burning the surface of the stone, you get a quite rough surface, with a substantially high anti-slip capacity. The flamed surface is a popular choice in the present days, since it provides a set of great features all together. For instance, it doesn’t change the structure of the stone and it keeps most of the natural elements and colours. The flame finishing is quite resistant as well and it tends to age well across the years. On the other hand, the texture generated by the flaming process might not suit all types of landscaping projects.

Main Features: Rough surface; high anti-slip; high resistance; the original look of the stone is preserved.

Surface Finishings - Gris Perlato Flamed

There are many other recommended finishings for landscape, such as tumbled and bush-hammer & brushed. But these are our top surface finishings for landscape in 2017. For more information about landscaping surfaces or any other matter regarding natural stone, contact us directly or visit Portugalimestones.