Travertine Noce from Turkey – Vein Cut Finishings

The Travertine Noce from Turkey is a brown type of travertine, presenting a brown colour and in many cases is supplied with a vein-cut structure. This is a versatile type of stone that accepts a wide range of surface finishings for both interior and exterior uses.

On this video, we will be introducing you to some of the most popular types of surface finishings used on the Travertine Noce vein-cut. This is a versatile type of stone that can be used on basically all types of interior and exterior applications, also filled or simply unfilled.

Travertine Noce vein-cut filled, for exterior

Here, we find surface finishings like the bush-hammered that present a light brown and quite rough surface and a strong anti-slippery; the bush-hammered and brushed, which has a strong anti-slippery surface but with a more brownish colour.

Travertine Noce vein-cut filled, for interior

Here, the main surface finishings would be the brushed, which shows a brown colour but with a certain anti-slippery surface; the polished, which is the one that most enhances the brown colour of this stone; and the honed, which shows a brown colour but a matt look.

Travertine Noce vein-cut unfilled, for interior

Here, we basically have the same surface finishings as found on the filled for interiors, but showing the hole structure of the travertine.

Travertine Noce vein-cut unfilled, for exterior

Here, we will see a sandblasted surface finishing, which makes the stone nearly white and with a strong anti-slippery surface; the sandblasted and brushed, which essentially brings back the brown colour of the stone to the sandblasting; and the sawn-cut, which is no particular surface finishing, just the result of sawing blocks into slabs.

You can see all these surface finishings on the video below.

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