How to choose Capri limestone from Spain

The Capri is a famous white limestone from Spain, which presents a white colour, very uniform background and a grain towards fine / medium. This is a fantastic type of limestone, with a considerable demand worldwide.

This white limestone from Spain is perhaps the most known Spanish limestone, with a well-established market worldwide. If you talk about Spanish limestone, normally Capri comes to mind. This is a white coloured limestone, with medium grain and uniform background. It may present some occasional small shells, but all-in-all this is a very uniform and clean type of limestone

The selection we present on this video is a 1st grade selection, which essentially shows a plain background, colour and fairly uniform grain structure. A commercial selection would present some more white colour tone variation, more irregular grain structure, shaded areas and overall a more irregular structure.

The Capri is a preferential limestone to be used on exterior cladding applications, but can also be found on interior use such as flooring with moderate use, wall coverings and diverse decoration and masonry.

On the video below, we show you how to choose this fantastic Spanish limestone.

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