Top deals of the week – 23-29 November 2020

We present here the top deals of the week from the Natural Stone Outlet portal. This week, we introduce some new Portuguese marble as well as our first block of limestone!

This week on our Top deals, we have some interesting opportunities, such as Portuguese marble tiles of top quality, as well as blocks of beige limestone. Check out below!

Great selection of Rosa Portugal marble tiles

Material: Rosa Portugal marble tiles
Color: Pink
Offer: 257m2 of tiles with 30x30x1,5cm polished
Price: 19.90€ / m2
Deal available here.


Portuguese marble tiles 60x60x2cm polished

Material: Rosa Portugal marble tiles
Color: Pink
Offer: 336m2 of tiles with 60x60x2cm polished
Price: 26.00€ / m2
Deal available here.


Beige limestone blocks for sale

Material: Beige limestone
Color: Beige
Offer: large quantity
Price: 100.00€ / ton
Deal available here.