Turkey Beige Marble: Isparta Beige

Turkey has an abundance of beige colored marble and is today one of the main producers and exporters of beige marble in the world. Among many choices, there is one type with some relevancy: the Isparta Beige marble. Here, we find out a bit more about it.

The Isparta Beige is a beige marble, with fairly fine grain, but quite some calcite, darker colored calcite throughout its surface. It presents a relatively messy background, where we see a beige color slightly silver, essentially mixed with the beige color. There may be some occasional presence of reddish veins, but these are normally not that evident.

Overall, this is what the Isparta Beige marble is all about, this strong calcite background, with a slight grey color mix with the main beige color. The selection we present on this video is considered a First grade selection. On a Commercial selection, you would find more color tone variation, as well as a more messy structure.

This is a fairly abundant beige marble in Turkey, with a certain uniformity that is used on a wide selection of applications, due to its consistency and abundance. Below, you can see the video introducing to this beige marble.

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