How to choose Dark Emperador marble from Spain

The Dark Emperador is a dark-brown natural stone that originally comes from Spain. However, there are several different types of Dark Emperador extracted in other countries, along with three main variations worldwide – the First Selection, the Standard Selection and the Commercial Selection. This is a well-established marble, with considerable reserves and a high demand.

Highly characterized for its spider-web structure, the Dark Emperador is a very notorious and well-positioned marble from Spain. It detains a remarkable reputation in the Spanish market and a very solid presence in the international scene. Overall, this dark-brown marble presents a competitive price and moderate reserves, which preserve its continuity and stock availability over time. This is a quite appreciated natural stone by architects and decorators, due to its genuine bright and dark colours. This combination can produce some interesting and very unique results.

Described as a charming, elegant and sophisticated stone, the Dark Emperador does present a very exclusive appearance. It presents a very dense spider-web structure, with a dark-brown background and a brighter veinage, combined with a brighter brown and reddish areas. This characteristic can generate a marvellous diversity in appearance, a feature that is highly appreciated by industry professionals. Moreover, the Dark Emperador has a fine grain, followed by a considerable hardness and small occasional signs of calcite.

Despite being commonly used for flooring and bath design applications, this dark marble is also a top selection for interior decoration projects. Nonetheless, it’s important to state that you might find some less interesting points about this natural stone. Dark Emperador slabs might contain some softer parts, which might compromise the durability of the product. To stabilize softer parts, you would require a larger budget in order to apply technical solutions, such as fillings. On the other hand, when the slabs contain harder parts they might damage sawing blades.

In general, you can find many different variations of the Dark Emperador marble. However, if you want to distinguish and choose a proper type, you should be aware of three main variation types. The First Selection is more refined and it includes high-quality features, such as a very uniform background and very little calcite. For instance, the Standard Selection presents high to moderate features, including a somewhat uniform background and a more intense brown colour variation. On the other side, the Commercial Selection has a more compact spider-web effect.

Dark Emperador marble – First selection

High-quality variation, the First Selection provides the most premium features you can find in the Dark Emperador marble. From a very uniform and deep brown colour, to a smoother and less dense spider-web effect, this variation will certainly delight you with a unique and sophisticated appearance. Despite revealing more vivid colours, the First Selection also has fewer calcite and reddish spots across the surface. Needless to say, this particular variation is the most valuable one and as so, the prices can range substantially.

Dark Emperador marble - First

Dark Emperador marble – Standard selection

The Standard Selection is the most common variation of the Dark Emperador marble, both in the Spanish and worldwide markets. This is possibly the most available variation of Dark Emperador in all natural stone channels. In terms of appearance, this variation presents a quite uniform background, with a decent amount of spider-web effect, veinage and a little more brown colour. The brown intensity is not as dark as in the First Selection and there are some signs of white calcite on the surface of the stone. This is a quite affordable variation since the price is more competitive.

Dark Emperador marble - Standard

Dark Emperador marble – Commercial selection

At the bottom of the quality chain there’s the Commercial Selection. This particular type is generally the most affordable but also the one with less refined features. The background is not that uniform, there’s huge amounts of spider-web and veinage, along with brighter colours and moderate amounts of white calcite. The brown colour is definitely not that dark and there can be medium browns to beige tonalities in the surface of the stone. At the present date, the Commercial Selection is actually getting better in terms of quality and display.

Dark Emperador marble - Commercial

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