Turkey white marble: Mugla White

The Mugla White is a wonderful and quite famous white marble from Turkey. It is extracted around the city of Mugla by many quarries and is today a reference white marble. There are many names for this marble such as Bianco Ibiza, Blanco Ibiza and more, but its original name is Mugla White. There are many variations of this stone and the key is to understand the different variations. We present you below.

Country: Turkey   |   Colour: White   |   Stone Type: Marble
Main Features: Plain white background and quite delicate silver veins

Variation with strong longitudinal vein

On this specific variation of the Mugla White, the background is not too white, presenting a more silvery coloured background. What we also see is that the pattern of the stone presents stronger darker silver veins, with a longitudinal direction. Despite this, the background is quite uniform, not so white, but with the occasional darker veins. This is a common type of Mugla White, easy to find.

Mugla White marble from Turkey


Variation with spider-web structure

On this selection of the Mugla White, we have a white background, quite uniform and plain. The white background is dominant, presenting the main colour. But what we see are some irregular darker silver – brownish lines, with a kind of spider-web structure. This type of structure is very common on the Mugla White, but due to its irregular and unpredictable structure, overall becomes more uniform.

Mugla White marble from Turkey


Variation Bianco Carrara

This is considered the main selection of the Mugla White marble. It presents a very clean white background, crystal background, quite uniform and plain. It presents some thin dark silver clouds or areas, with some rare orange coloured areas. But apart of this, it is a very plain and uniform white marble. The white colour is the dominant colour, but with some occasional grey – silver colour. This is the closest variation to the Italian Bianco Carrara marble.

Mugla White marble from Turkey


Variation Bianco Carrara CD

Another top grade Mugla White marble selection, on this variation we see a mostly white background with some occasional dark silver areas or clouds. This would be considered the closest variation to the Italian Bianco Carrara CD type. But all in all, the dominant colour here is the white.

Mugla White marble from Turkey

There are many variations or selections of this marble. The Mugla White is a famous and well-known white marble from Turkey, with great demand. However it is important to understand the selections and types, because the price variation will be considerable.

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