How to choose Jura Grey limestone

Originally from Germany, the Jura Grey is a fantastic grey limestone that is quite hard and suitable for any type of application both interior and exterior. This limestone has seen an incredible growth in the past years, become one of the reference grey limestones in the market. It is well-known by architects and contractors that appreciate its structure and colour, but specially its technical strength.

There is today a consistent demand for this the Jura Grey limestone, which is quickly becoming a top grey limestone for projects design stage and consideration worldwide. Its great technical properties, combined with consistent supply and unique look, makes the Jura Grey a highly demanded type of limestone from places like North America, Europe, Middle East, China, India, Russia and more. This limestone adapts well to any climate, which explains the worldwide popularity.

On this article, we make a brief introduction into the main variations of the Jura Grey limestone from Germany. Like the Jura Beige, the Grey counterpart presents few variations that are relevant to explain to help how to choose and understand this wonderful limestone.

Jura Grey limestone / Polished / Honed

Here, we present the most common type of Jura Grey limestone, which represents about 90% of the whole Jura Grey limestone extraction. What we see is a grey coloured background, with some slight colour tone variation. There are quite some amount of calcite and fossils, widely distributed on the stone. On the picture below, we present a polished Jura Grey that shows some colour contrast where the elements are quite visible. And a honed Jura Grey, which becomes more uniform, with less colour contrast and where the elements are less visible. The Jura Grey is a very hard type of limestone, being used on essentially any type of interior or exterior application.

How to choose Jura Grey limestone / polished / honed

Jura Grey limestone / Vein-cut

There is a selection of the Jura Grey limestone that has a marginal extraction, on one specific layer in the quarry, which is called Jura Grey Vein-cut. This selection is essentially a type of Jura Grey, but presenting a fairly visible parallel vein running along its surface. It still presents the regular shells and fossils, as well as the same colour tone variation, but with a parallel vein structure. Due to the small quantity available, this type of Jura is mostly used on smaller decoration projects. This is considered an exclusive limestone.

Jura Grey limestone / Vein-cut

Jura Cocktail limestone / Beige / Grey

The Jura Cocktail is considered the less charming selection of the Jura Grey limestone, presenting a blend of colours, both grey and beige that are displayed in a very non-uniform way. This is the commercial selection of the Jura Grey, having a more affordable price, less selection. The Jura Cocktail is commonly used on any type of projects, including flooring, some decoration, stonework and more.

Jura Cocktail limestone

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