How to choose Light Emperador marble from Turkey

The Light Emperador is a brown marble that despite being originally extracted in Spain, it is today mostly extracted in Turkey, where production is mass scale. This is a light brown marble, with a typical Emperador spider-web structure. 

Turkey has an abundant offer of marble, including beige and brown coloured marble. The Light Emperador is one of them, being today one of the reference marble from Turkey. It is extracted by several quarries scattered all over the country and is today a reference light brown marble from Turkey. The Turkish Light Emperador is essentially a light brown marble, which presents a fairly uniform structure and the typical spider-web structure of the Emperador marble.

The variation we show on this video is of a First grade selection, which shows a fairly uniform colour and smooth spider-web structure. More commercial variations will show some colour tone variation, but in particular, a messy and abundant spider-web structure.

The Light Emperador is an ideal type of marble to be used on interior applications, in combination with beige marble or darker coloured marble. It is common to find uses of this marble on flooring, wall coverings, bath design and diverse interior decoration.

Check below the video where we introduce you to this beautiful Turkish marble.

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