Spanish marble colour combinations

Spanish coloured marble are very popular worldwide, with large demand. These are also popular to be used in combination with each other, to create contrast, patterns and overall decorative and design effects. There are several coloured marble combination, but some are more popular than others. On this video, we introduce you to some of the most popular Spanish coloured marble combinations.

Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador

This is probably the most popular coloured marble combination. Here, we find the Crema Marfil with its uniform light beige colour, fairly plain background, combined with the darker brown Dark Emperador marble. This marble combination presents quite a lot of contrast and is in fact the most popular marble combination. These two marble co-exist side-by-side and are both quite famous and popular.

Main Features: High colour contrast; Combination of two celebrity marble; High demand

Top Applications: Interior flooring and water jet works;  Bath design; Diverse interior decoration


Crema Marfil and Rojo Alicante

Another popular combination, the Crema Marfil and the Rojo Alicante combine pretty well. Generally, the Crema Marfil is a good marble to combine with darker coloured marble, it presents a good base colour to match darker ones and here is no different. We see an interesting colour contrast between the pale light beige of the Crema Marfil marble and the deep strong red colour of the Rojo Alicante marble. The final result is an interesting contrast of what is another popular coloured marble combination.

Main Features: Interesting colour contrast; Ideal for high polished surface; Popular combination

Top Applications: Interior flooring and water jet works;  Bath design; Diverse interior decoration


Crema Marfil and Negro Marquina

Yet another popular coloured marble combination. Here, we see both extremes in terms of colour, black and nearly white or very light beige. The Negro Marquina presents the deep black colour with some occasional white calcite veins, while the Crema Marfil shows the pale light beige colour, with no pattern and hardly any vein. This is again another popular coloured marble combination, black with light beige or even white.

Main Features: High colour contrast between black and light beige; Popular choice; Recommended for high polished surface

Top Applications: Interior flooring and water jet works;  Bath design; Diverse interior decoration


These are some possible coloured marble combination, but there are more. And in fact, it is also common to find not just two marble combined, but instead three or even four coloured marble combined on the same floor. Beige, black, red and brown are simply good colours to make combinations and the marble we present here are ideal for that.

For more information about the most relevant Spanish marble combinations, feel free to contact us or visit any of the following sources:
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