How to choose Negro Marquina marble

With an incredibly high popularity and demand worldwide, the Negro Marquina marble presents a substantial production and well-established markets. When it comes to choose this particular marble, you should be aware of its two main variations, the First Selection and the Commercial Selection. Moreover, the Negro Marquina is a reference and notorious black marble from Spain.

As a leading entry among black marbles, the Negro Marquina surely detains a notorious position in both, Spanish and international markets. The exclusive and elegant appearance of this marble has contributed to the increasingly rise of popularity of the Negro Marquina. But that’s definitely not all. This black marble also presents considerable reserves, which secures a stable extraction and stock availability for future exploration. Addtionally, the Negro Marquina is quite versatile and it goes well in combination with many other natural stones.

The Negro Marquina marble is mostly characterized by its dark and intense black colour, which is contrasted by its pure and well-defined white veinage. These two elements create a beautiful and genuine appearance; quite unique and extraordinary in a way. Hence, it’s no surprise that it has become a top election for many industry professionals from all over the world. Additionally, the Negro Marquina marble is regularly used in a few particular applications, including interior flooring, wall coverings and bath design.

In terms of structure, this is a very balanced marble with a considerable hardness, fine grain and irregular signs of fossils. It presents two main and deep colours, in which the background is black and the crossing veinage is white. In fact, the Negro Marquina variations mostly depend on the intensity of the black colour, as well as the white veinage and the abundance of fossils. Additionally, this black marble can contain some carbon in its structure, which somewhat weakens the finished product.

When it comes to variations, the Negro Marquina displays two main types. The differences are normally on the intensity of the colours, along with the amount of veinage and fossils. The First Selection focus on delivering the highest quality features of this black marble. On the other hand, the Commercial Selection presents a less refined background, with more abundance of elements and slightly fading colours.

Negro Marquina marble – First selection

If you’re looking for a flawless and top selection Negro Marquina, then you should definitely choose the First Selection. This variation displays a very uniform background, with a deep and dark black colour. The white veinage can vary in dimension and position but there’s normally very few amounts across the surface. The same can be said about fossils and other elements. The First Selection is known to detain a somewhat limited and exclusive availability. As so, the increasing popularity and high demand has turned this variation into a more expensive product.

Negro Marquina marble - First

Negro Marquina marble – Commercial selection

The lower grades of the Negro Marquina marble are generally quite high in quality as well. The main differences, as previously stated, concern colour intensity and the abundance of elements. The Commecial Selection showcases a slightly colour variation for the black background, which can be less compact, a bit greyish at times. There are also more white calcite veins and fossils throughout the surface. On the other hand, this variation is most commonly found in channels all over the world. Besides, the price is much more competitive and accessible, when compared to the First Selection rates.

Negro Marquina marble - Commercial

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