Travertine Yellow from Turkey

The Travertine Yellow is a fantastic type of travertine stone that is mostly extracted in Turkey. There is a growing number of quarries extracting this type of travertine, which has seen an exponential demand worldwide. This is a yellow coloured travertine that can be supplied as vein cut or cross cut.

On this video, we will be introducing you to this unique type of travertine, both as cross cut and vein cut, but also show the different types of surface finishes that are most popular with this type of travertine.

Travertine Yellow vein-cut

What we see is the typical structure of the travertine, with the parallel vein, predictable, just like any other travertine, but with a well-defined and strong yellow colour. What we notice with this type of travertine vein-cut is a fairly strong yellow colour, with some colour tone variation, varying from dark yellow to light yellow. All-in-all, this is a type of travertine with a lot of strength, with a strong colour and a well-defined structure.

Travertine Yellow cross-cut

Unlike the travertine vein-cut, the travertine cross-cut presents a very different structure. It shows a clouded structure, where the colour can go from nearly white, to light yellow and darker yellow. The structure is a little bit irregular, but this is what defines the travertine cross-cut. This one is in reality the most common type of Travertine Yellow, with the most demand.

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