Tumbled travertine tiles from Turkey

Travertine tumbled tiles are a common type of travertine tiles found in Turkey. These are small sized tiles with 8x8cm or 10x10cm with 1cm or 1.2cm thickness, which have a tumbled surface and are normally used on garden and landscaping applications as well as wall coverings.

Turkey has an abundant offer of Travertine stone. This type of stone can be presented in many forms, finishings and formats. Tumbled tiles is a popular one. These are generally small sized square shaped tiles that are tumbled, thus presenting a rustic look and surface and slightly rounded edges.

These are normally supplied in all types of colours available within the travertine world. This is considered a by-product of the travertine tiles production, to minimize waste on cutting of large tiles and maximize the use of stone overall.

The types of travertine tumbled tiles that we present on this video are:

Travertine Classic Dark

Dark beige / brownish colour, this type of travertine presents the typical rustic look of the tumbled travertine, with the rounded edges, but with a very uniform and predictable beige colour.

Travertine Classic Light

Light beige coloured travertine, with the typical rounded edges and fairly rustic look. Again, the colour is quite uniform and light. This is one of the most popular types of tumbled travertine tiles.

Travertine Walnut

This type of travertine presents a fairly irregular colour, varying from beige to brown, with some occasional greenish/reddish areas. It presents the same structure and look as the top two travertine, but with certain colour variation.

Travertine Noce

Well defined darker brown colour, the Travertine Noce tumbled tiles present some contrast. Here, the rustic look is more pronounced than with other types of travertine.

Travertine Rose

Travertine with a light red / pinkish colour, it shows a fairly uniform colour and the typical tumbled look and structure. This is a good choice to combine with other coloured types of travertine.

Travertine Yellow

Another popular type of tumbled travertine, the Travertine Yellow presents a cloudy structure, but with a quite consistent yellow colour. Yet another popular choice of tumbled travertine tiles.

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