Turkey grey marble: Kale Silver

The Kale Silver is a grey / silver marble from Turkey that is slightly unknown in the market. This is in fact a marble that is extracted in white marble quarries, but presenting a mostly grey coloured structure and look. On this video, we give a quick introduction to this beautiful marble from Turkey.

Turkey has an abundant offer of white marble, with a large number of companies extracting and manufacturing a wide range of variations of white marble. Among them is the Kale Silver, which despite being a white marble, it looks in fact like a grey / silver coloured marble. This specific variation that we present here has in fact a lot of silver colour structure.

The Kale Silver has a white background structure, but being composed mostly by silver / grey coloured elements. The grey colour takes most of its surface, leaving little space for the white colour. This specific variation presents a fine grain structure, with light grey colour, but some areas where a dark grey is dominant.

The Kale Silver is a type of marble mostly used on interior flooring and interior decoration applications. It combines well with other coloured marble, particularly the ones with a plain structure.

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