White Marble: Turkish Carrara

We will introduce you on this video to a very interesting white marble from Turkey, which is known locally as Turkish Carrara. The name derives from the original Italian marble Bianco Carrara, due to its similarities. This is a great alternative to the Italian marble, more abundant and at more affordable prices. Read more

Turkey white marble: the Marmara White

The Marmara White is a very famous white marble from Turkey, also known as Equator marble. This is an unique type of marble, with a white coloured background, but what is particular about this marble is the parallel grey vein. 

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Turkey grey marble: Kale Silver

The Kale Silver is a grey / silver marble from Turkey that is slightly unknown in the market. This is in fact a marble that is extracted in white marble quarries, but presenting a mostly grey coloured structure and look. On this video, we give a quick introduction to this beautiful marble from Turkey.

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Turkey white marble: Mugla White

The Mugla White is a wonderful and quite famous white marble from Turkey. It is extracted around the city of Mugla by many quarries and is today a reference white marble. There are many names for this marble such as Bianco Ibiza, Blanco Ibiza and more, but its original name is Mugla White. There are many variations of this stone and the key is to understand the different variations. We present you below.

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