Turkey white marble: the Marmara White

The Marmara White is a very famous white marble from Turkey, also known as Equator marble. This is an unique type of marble, with a white coloured background, but what is particular about this marble is the parallel grey vein. 

We are introducing you here to one of the most famous types of marble, with a long history of applications in Turkey. This type of marble can be found on all sorts of buildings, from mosques, to hammams, public spaces and more. It is a hard marble that goes along together with the history of the country. Today, it has a growing popularity, perhaps due to its uniqueness.

The selection we present on this video is a First grade selection, where the veins are quite parallel and predictable, with a very linear structure. More commercial selections will have a more irregular parallel vein, but also more fussy vein. The more parallel and clear the vein, the higher the selection.

On the video below, we give you a brief introduction to this fantastic Turkish marble.

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