White Marble: Turkish Carrara

We will introduce you on this video to a very interesting white marble from Turkey, which is known locally as Turkish Carrara. The name derives from the original Italian marble Bianco Carrara, due to its similarities. This is a great alternative to the Italian marble, more abundant and at more affordable prices.

Turkey has an abundance of marble, with quarries popping up pretty much everywhere. One of the most popular types of marble are white marble, and there is one particular marble that stands out for its quality, large reserves and competitive pricing. We are talking about what is known as Turkish Carrara. Named after the original Bianco Carrara marble from Italy, the Turkish Carrara presents very similar colour and pattern.

This is a white coloured marble, with a greyish colour tone and shaded areas. It presents some irregular darker grey vein, without a specific pattern. This is essentially a white marble with a greyish tonality.

What makes this marble quite interesting is that is a direct competitor to the Bianco Carrara, presenting large reserves, competitive pricing and these days a well-defined selection from some of the reliable suppliers in Turkey. This is a serious white marble to consider in the future.

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