How to choose Moca Cream limestone

The Moca Cream is perhaps the most well-known limestone from Portugal that has gained incredible visibility and reputation in the past 10 years. It is now a reference beige limestone used on building and decoration projects worldwide. On this video, we introduce you to the limestone.

The Moca Cream Classic is the most relevant type, the one that has the most quantity, affordable price and generally most demand. This selection presents a medium grain structure, its typical parallel vein, a fairly consistent beige colour and a vein that can be a little darker beige or even brownish. As mentioned, this is the most common type of Moca Cream, with huge supply and demand.

In addition to the Moca Cream Classic with a vein-cut orientation (which shows the parallel vein), we have the Moca Cream with a cross-cut structure. Here, we have a fairly different limestones, where the parallel vein is replaced by a shaded structure with some clouds and spots here and there.

Finally, we have the Moca Cream Fine grain, which presents the same parallel vein structure as the Classic type, but with a fine grain. Here, we see a very fine grain, uniform colour and background and generally a delicate look. This is a more expensive type that also has less quantity available.

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