Travertine Noce from Turkey – Cross Cut Finishings

The Travertine Noce is a brown coloured type of travertine from Turkey, which is considered a very versatile stone that can accept a wide range of surface finishes that are normally used on both interior and exteriors uses. On this article, we introduce you to top surface finishes on the cross-cut variation of this stone.

The range of possible surface finishes for the Travertine Noce Cross-cut is quite wide and on this article/video, we classify them in two categories: finishes for interior use and finishes for exterior use.

– Finishes for interior use: we start with the Brushed finish, which is done by brushing the surface of the stone, giving it a decent anti-slippery surface. The Polished finish is the one that most enhances the brown colour of the Travertine Noce, which is mostly used on flooring or coverings. The Honed finish shows a matt and slightly lighter brown coloured surface, which can be used on horizontal and vertical uses. A relevant note is that these finishes can be used on Travertine Noce Cross-cut filled or unfilled, whereas the difference would be if the stone would present holes or not.

– Finishes for exterior use: starting by the Bush-hammered finish that changes the colour of the stone, showing strong rugosity and even stronger anti-slippery capacity. The Sandblasted finish makes the surface of the stone white, with a thin rugosity and a good anti-slippery capacity. The Sawn-cut can be considered a type of finish, showing a pale colour and decent anti-slippery. Bush-hammered and brushed is a popular finish as it combines strong rugosity with a fairly brown colour, popular around pools. The Sandblasted and brushed is also another pool popular, showing a good colour and rugosity, it is also known as Leather finish. Finally, we have the Tumbled finish, which shows a rustic and hole-structured surface.

To visualize all these surface finishes for the Travertine Noce Cross-cut, you can check the video below.

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