Jura Grey vs Jura Beige limestone

The Jura limestone is a fantastic and widely known limestone from Germany that presents two main variations: the Jura Grey and the Jura Beige. On this article, we make the comparison between both limestones, showing you their differences and what they have in common.

We start with the Jura Beige limestone, which is the mainstream type of Jura limestone, with more supply and demand. Here, we can have a light beige and a dark beige variation, where the limestone shows a messy structure, strong presence of calcite and fossils, as well as an unpredictable structure and colour. If we compare this type with the Jura Grey limestone, we see that the grey type has a similar structure and look as the beige, presenting the same type of messy structure with calcite and fossils, identical colour tone variation, but essentially with a grey colour.

It is the colour that makes these two selections of the Jura limestone different. While the Jura Beige presents a warm, earthy colour, the Jura Grey presents a more cold and concrete type of colour.

In addition to the Jura Beige and Jura Grey limestone, there is another selection which presents a mixed colour, also known as Jura Cocktail. This selection essentially shows a blend of grey and beige colours, combined in no specific pattern. This selections is more commercial but also more affordable.

Finally, we present the Jura Vein-cut, which again can present a beige or a grey colour. Here, we see a slightly different limestone showing  a sort of parallel vein structure, instead of the cloudy/messy structure of the other types of Jura limestone. Again, both Jura Beige and Grey Vein-cut limestones have the same look and background, with the colour being the main factor that makes them different. The Jura Vein-cut has marginal extraction and is mostly used on small-scale projects.

Please check the video below to see in real terms both limestones compared.

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