Turkey beige marble: Daino Reale

The Daino Reale is a Turkish marble that presents a beige, brown colour and quite irregular structure. This is a very particular type of marble, with an unique structure and look. It presents an interesting blend of beige and brown colours, which together with its strong calcite areas, make it a great looking stone. 

Turkey has an abundant offer of marble, including beige coloured marble. Here, we present you a fairly new but upcoming beige / brown marble called Daino Reale. This is a marble with a particular messy structure, quite unpredictable, but with a beautiful look. It is mostly composed by beige and brown coloured areas, with strong signs of white calcite. The final blend shows a fantastic structure, with marble composition at its best.

The variations of this marble will depend mostly on the background or structure, but also on the amount of white calcite, as well as on the direction of the beige and brown coloured pattern. This is a type of marble that is mostly used on interior applications such as flooring, wall coverings and some decoration. The primary surface finishing is the polished, which mostly highlights the colour and elements of this unique beige marble from Turkey.

Check below the video where we introduce you to this beautiful Turkish marble.

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